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2016 Nissan Titan XD Specs MPG Review Car Price Concept

2016 Nissan Titan XD Specs MPG Review Car Price Concept- The 2016 Nissan Titan XD is an all-new full-size truck that has more powerful abilities than the standard Nissan Titan, which was likewise updated for 2016. The Titan XD is not intended to contend head-on with the substantial obligation trucks from Ford, GM and Ram. Those trucks have occupied with a force race that has pushed their abilities — and their costs — a long ways past what numerous purchasers require or can bear.
The outcome is a Titan XD group taxi diesel pickup with tow evaluations that range from 12,314 pounds for the S 4x2 work truck to 10,608 pounds for a decked-out Platinum Reserve 4x4. A pleasantly prepared Pro-4X 4x4 can pull 11,784 pounds.
Those numbers put the Titan XD well over a truck like the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel, which has tow appraisals that range between 7,540 to 8,870 pounds, and top overwhelming obligation trucks that can draw up to 17,000 pounds.
Is It the Same Cummins Engine That Ram Uses?
No, this is a totally distinctive motor. This V8 outline is an entire 11 inches shorter (front to back) and 500 pounds lighter than the Cummins 6.7-liter straight-6 turbodiesel that powers the present Ram 2500 and 3500 HD pickups.
A couple of turbochargers settles inside of the Vee between double overhead-cam barrel heads, however this is neither a twin-turbo nor a compound turbo setup. A littler turbo supports low-rpm yield and a bigger turbo handles higher revs. Both offer an odd pretzel-like lodging with an electronically controlled admission air circulation valve that bolsters one, the other or a variable mix of both to convey a fat clobber of torque over the whole working reach.

2016 Nissan Titan XD Specs MPG Review Car Price Concept
2016 Nissan Titan XD Specs MPG Review Car Price Concept
The subsequent 310 pull and 555 pound-feet of torque places the 5.0 V8 halfway between today's Ram 1500 (240 hp/420 lb-ft) and 2500 diesel (370 hp/800 lb-ft) motors. This new Cummins unequivocally hits the cleared substantial obligation target Nissan was gunning for with the XD. We say abandoned in light of the fact that 10 years back the 5.9-liter Cummins straight-6 diesel in the Dodge Ram HD trucks was evaluated at 305 hp and 555 lb-ft of torque.
The Titan XD's edge profits by substantial obligation segments Nissan already produced for its business vans. The completely boxed stepping stool casing has been updated for pickup obligation, and stretched to bolster the 151.5-inch wheelbase essential for the XD's team taxicab and 6.5-foot bed, a mix the standard Titan won't offer.
A twofold wishbone suspension with loop springs and a stabilizer bar directs the movements of the front wheels, and a couple of leaf springs and a stabilizer bar controls the straight pivot backside. This sounds like the Titan we definitely know, yet it's all beefier stuff estimated to bolster the Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR) of 8,800 pounds for the two-wheel drive and up to 8,990 pounds for the 4x4.
The larger part of 1500-arrangement trucks have GVWRs bunched close to 7,000 pounds, while 2500-arrangement pickups dillydally at around 10,000 pounds. The overwhelming obligation GVWR cutoff is 8,500 pounds, so while the XD fits the bill for HD status, it's without a doubt an "in-betweener" at the enlightened end of the range.
Other HD componentry incorporates water driven recycling ball controlling, while the brakes are gigantic 14.2-inch front and 14.4-inch back ventilated rotors braced by heavy double cylinder calipers. The XD additionally moves on high-limit LT tires that keep running at 65 psi in advance and 70 psi toward the rear. Normal Titans will have rack-and-pinion controlling and tires that run more like 35 psi.
At the point when the standard 2016 Titan in the end takes off, we'll see that the XD's grille distends 2 or 3 crawls more distant forward, while its hood stands 1.5 inches taller to make space for the stature of the Cummins diesel and the additional radiator and intercooler limit it requests.
What number of Trim Levels Are There?
2016 Nissan Titan XD Specs MPG Review Car Price Concept
2016 Nissan Titan XD Specs MPG Review Car Price Concept
Nissan will offer the Titan XD in five flavors: S, SV, Pro-4X, SL and Platinum Reserve. The base S is a work truck with a fabric and vinyl split seat, manual atmosphere control, 17-inch steel haggles littler 5-inch show sound framework.
The SV begins correspondingly, however has a fabric seat and a touch of chrome here and there. It additionally opens the way to a scope of choices including basin seats, double zone programmed temperature control, 20-inch haggles Utili-Track bed secure framework.
Things get intriguing with the Pro-4X, the main review that is sold just as a 4x4. It accompanies 18-crawl off-road tires, Bilstein stuns, a locking back differential, slide plates and slope drop control. The inside gets standard basins and a 7-inch touchscreen sound and route framework.
Next is the SL, where the Pro-4X rough terrain apparatus is missing however warmed calfskin, premium sound, running sheets, Utili-Track tie downs and 20-inch machined aluminum wheels come standard.
The completely stacked Platinum Reserve accompanies dim chrome wheels, one of a kind warmed and cooled cowhide seats and wood inside trim. There is however one alternative: a DVD back seat diversion framework with headrest-mounted screens.
How Does It Drive?
The Cummins 5.0-liter diesel moves the Titan XD about shrewdly around town, and it doesn't feel burdened when executing road blends. It's a long way from quick, however. The mix of standard 3.92 hub equipping, 310 hp and 7,480 pounds of Platinum Reserve 4x4 mass deciphered into a 0-60-mph time of 9.6 seconds.
The standard six-speed programmed moves easily a significant part of the time, yet it's not in its upbeat spot crawling along at 10 mph in unpredictable activity. The motor and trans are a great deal more skilled at climbing evaluations and pulling trailers, where the massive torque of the Cummins diesel torque empowers the programmed to hold equips unhesitatingly, with no undesirable dithering.
A more broad tow test on our most loved test level is required, yet in a brief test, the XD tranquilly pulled a gruff confronted excessively tall 9,000-pound take care of trailer a precarious 6-percent level at 60 mph without the requirement for a constant utilization of totally open throttle. In Tow/Haul mode, a tap of the brake pedal drew in a declining pace control include that summons transmission downshifts to precisely direct drop speed on the resulting downslope.
Controlling exertion is pleasant in typical driving and when moving through tight parking areas. A whisper of input lets the driver in on the discussion in the middle of asphalt and tire, yet like most recycling ball setups, it's ambiguous while cruising straight. Vibration and rough terrain kickback are nil.
It's difficult to blame the brakes. They demonstrated particularly consoling amid our 60-mph frenzy stop test, conveying the huge XD to rest in only 131 feet, a figure some fair size SUVs scarcely oversee. The XD rehashed this accomplishment over and over with little variety, every stop bolt straight and with negligible plunge.
The ride is pleasingly pleasing, and the XD demonstrated entirely stable on ineffectively kept up earth tracks. In any case, the win goes to the Pro-4X, even on asphalt. Its mix of Bilstein monotube stuns and the inch-taller sidewalls that accompany 18-inch tires improved employment of sifting through coarse street composition and little splits than the 20-inch setup on the SL and Platinum Reserve models.
How Is the Interior?
2016 Nissan Titan XD Specs MPG Review Car Price Concept
2016 Nissan Titan XD Specs MPG Review Car Price Concept
The taxi of the XD gives overflowing head-and legroom in both columns, despite the fact that the secondary lounge numbers fall marginally behind those of the Big Three. It's not a distinction that is prone to have any kind of effect, however. Our tallest analyzer could sit behind his balanced driver seat with space to save.
Front or back, the cowhide seats are comfortable and steady, however the creased Platinum Reserve thrones don't offer a reasonable solace advantage over the other calfskin offerings. What's more, the perspective out is in the same class as can be normal from a substantial pickup, however the lowish windshield header can disguise some overhead flags.
Nissan has changed to a segment shifter, with manual movement catches and a Tow/Haul switch incorporated with its handle. It's a decent move that opens up room along the inside console for beverages, telephones or whatever else you need to keep convenient. It likewise empowers the six-traveler 40/20/40-split seat design at the S and SV end of the lineup
Most different controls and switches will be well known to any individual who has been in a Nissan of late, and the 7-inch touchscreen has a "last-era" feel to it. General form quality is amazing and everything feels great to the touch, however there's little to show much has been extraordinarily adjusted to the size, scale and mission of the Titan XD.
Shouldn't something be said about Cargo and Towing?
The Titan XD's most extreme payload is 2,091 pounds for the S 4x2 work truck. Heavier variants exchange hardware for payload, so the Platinum Reserve 4x4 settles at 1,470 pounds. A Pro-4X 4x4 conveys a payload rating of 1,733 pounds.
We're enthusiasts of Nissan's Utili-Track framework, an arrangement of rails at the edges, front and floor of the bed that acknowledge mobile secure spikes. It's bundled with an in-bed 400-watt 120-volt power attachment and a load territory lighting framework with different LED lights all through the bed.
A trailer beneficiary hitch and wiring is discretionary on S and SV however comes standard after that. The inherent electric trailer brake controller is discretionary on Pro-4X and SL trims.
An incorporated gooseneck hitch is discretionary from the SV ahead, and Nissan merchants will offer a connector that fits a Reese fifth-wheel to the gooseneck attachments. Neither of these is entirely important to tow the greatest, on the grounds that XD tow appraisals apply to any hitch sort.
What Kind of Mileage Does It Deliver?
This is difficult to bind, on the grounds that trucks with a GVWR north of 8,500 pounds fall into the overwhelming obligation classification, which exempts them from mileage testing and naming. There will be no official 2016 Titan XD mileage figures, at the end of the day.
We burned through 1,184 miles in the driver's seat of a Platinum Reserve 4x4, with a sensible blend of city and roadway driving. Our general normal was 16 mpg, with a best all-interstate tank of 20.8 mpg and a most noticeably awful

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