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2016 Bentley Bentayga review Car Price Concept

2016 new bentley bentagya suv review specs price interior engine features Car Price Concept-A completely new heading for Bentley - in spite of the fact that this new SUV, the Bentayga, absolutely still resembles a Bentley. Whether it feels like one or not we'll come to in a minute, but rather for the present, no inquiry, tastefully it has the signals.
The solid back rump, the jewel flame broiling on the front: I'm no referee of an auto's appearance (for which Bentley ought to presumably be thankful), yet in the event that the errand was to make it look in a split second unmistakable, the first occupation is finished.

2016 new bentley bentagya suv review specs price interior engine features Car Price Concept
2016 new bentley bentagya suv review specs price interior engine features Car Price Concept
The Bentayga is a sample of how nimbly Bentley's model line-up has advanced subsequent to Volkswagen took responsibility for organization in 1998. You can consider it just the third "new" model to have touched base subsequent to: if, as I do, you consider the Mulsanne a trade for the Arnage, and accordingly the Flying Spur cantina and Continental roadster/convertible as the other two "new" model lines.
This is at any rate as critical as those two: a case of the engine business' past due acknowledgment that individuals who have a horrendous part of cash would prefer fundamentally not to be always captured driving a supercar or mixed up for an air terminal limousine driver. So they purchase Range Rovers determined to the sky - an actuality Land Rover as of late appears to have acknowledged, as well.
I've regularly thought about how far up the natural pecking order the points of confinement of SUVs run, and have suspected it's a considerable amount further even than this £160,200 Bentayga. I assume Rolls-Royce will figure out soon enough.
Interim, however, the Bentley. Like the Flying Spur and Continental before it, it exploits Volkswagen Group's responsibility for British firm. Underneath it is, apparently, the new MLB-Evo structural engineering that likewise supports Audi's leader SUV, the Q7 – an auto whose cost has plunged into six figures, on the off chance that you recall. What's more, it's an auto that is as of now really boundless, so at 5.14m long the Bentayga isn't that much greater once more. At almost three meters, the wheelbase is inside 2mm of the Q7's and the Bentley will later offer seven seats - however there are close to five for the time being.
Coming later too will be half and half and diesel powerplants, however sensibly enough, from the begin Bentley is just offering what'll be the top-spec engine (until a Speed release arrives): another variation of the 6.0-liter W12 motor. Since, let's face honest, you've an auto with a 2420kg kerb weight but, in light of the fact that you're Bentley, you need it to reach 60mph in 4.0sec and a top velocity of 187mph, you're going to need 12 barrels and two turbochargers.
On the off chance that that sounds parched, it is. There's barrel close down and this new unit is 30kg lighter than its antecedent, yet at the same time it just profits 21.6mpg for the joined cycle and transmits 297g/km of CO2. Amid its day with us, in spite of the fact that I'll surrender we drove it really hard, it returned minimal more than half of the joined figure.
Those aren't the sorts of numbers that Bentley would rather you concentrated on. Rather, attempt some of these: there are 17 standard, 90 amplified paint hues (and some other on solicitation); there are 15 standard cowhide conceal hues to browse and seven distinct types of polish. Once more, on the off chance that you need all the more, simply inquire. Our test auto moved up with £48,000 worth of alternatives, which would in no way, shape or form be an uncommon request.
What's it like?:
Inside there are a couple signs this is a VW Group model, yet close to you'll discover in a Continental – and the Bentayga advantages here from being founded on the most recent VW construction modeling.
Rather than the stout old gearlever that involves around 33% of the transmission burrow, the new electronic controller for the eight-speed transmission leaves more space around it for extra switches and accommodation highlights. Likewise the directing wheel still gets gearbox override paddles, however as in a Volkswagen or Audi they're little and pivot with the wheel, as opposed to being the settled, railroad sign box-particular levers of the Conti.
There's a computerized presentation between the two simple dials and the part touchscreen, part dial-controlled excitement framework – while still not our first decision set-up in the entire of motordom – has a level of straightforwardness and usefulness like no Bentley before it.
In case you're usual to the Mercedes-Benz/Audi rotational dial on the transmission burrow, however, you'll rather reach incidentally for what ends up being the drive controller.

The Bentayga gets four on-street drive modes and four rough terrain ones, for the air suspension and four-wheel drive transmission with Torsen focus differential. We began with great aims to attempt both, however at last just dealt with the on-street stuff; most likely a not new story for Bentaygas in the years to come. A more full go dirt road romping test will take after.
The suspension is via air as standard. It gives the sort of segregation we've generally expect, with the extremely incidental echoey "bong" over sharp surface swells however a generally formed and especially quiet waft. It doesn't make a difference that much whether you're in Comfort or Sport (or the default, 'Bentley') on the dial, in light of the fact that it's never over-firm because of another arrangement of which Bentley is rightly really glad.
The electrics are by a 48V framework in light of the fact that the Bentayga gets dynamic hostile to move bars and the additional juice is expected to make them react with suitable power and speed. There are electric actuators that demonstration to harden or extricate the counter move bars relying upon what you're doing, so on a straight they're slack and free and permit bunches of wheel avoidance, while in a corner they immediately solidify to lessen body move and keep the developments of what is, let's face honest, a major body, within proper limits. It works with amazing impact, feeling preferred to me over versatile damping, which solidify the dampers come the corners however unsettles the ride more all the while.
The Bentley, then, feels really characteristic, holding its solace while basically including extra control when it needs it to the way it goes not far off. There's strikingly little roll and when, if pushed, it guides into generally early understeer, you take a gander at the calfskin and polish, the turned aluminum air vents and their organ stop agents, and simply advise yourself that you're in a Bentley, not a Porsche Cayenne.
Having a W12 motor – regardless of how reduced in principle it is – in the nose probably does little for the nimbleness, yet it does parcels for the execution. The torque bend tops at 664lb ft at 1350rpm and stays there until 4000rpm. Top force, 600bhp, is through 5000-6000rpm, despite the fact that there's generally little point taking the motor the distance there.
At lower throttle inputs and revs it's sufficiently smooth, however revved harder it neglects to sound especially extraordinary or costly. Bentley hasn't said whether the V8, so great in the Continental, will locate a home here as well (in light of the fact that it's very caught up with offering the first couple of years of W12 generation, so why might it?), yet the Bentayga wouldn't hurt for more 'woofle'.
There's likewise – and I'm being meticulous here, however this is a £160,000 auto so we can stand to be – the incidental grab in the drivetrain. Maybe it's the gearbox's "drifting" modes, which separate the motor from the transmission when under no heap with a specific end goal to enhance economy. However, when it takes it up again it's not generally consistent.
I am being critical. All things considered this is an outstandingly agreeable, and dependably immaculately calm, huge SUV. Drive it easily and it'll reward you with its slick smooth electric directing - a great velocity, and with servotronic so it animates towards the cutoff points of its lock - its quieted ride and a truly amazing feeling of lodge detachment.

2016 new bentley bentagya suv review specs price interior engine features Car Price Concept
2016 new bentley bentagya suv review specs price interior engine features Car Price Concept
Should I purchase one?:
I can see why you would. The Bentayga capably fills one of the amplest transmits a maker has ever set itself. Bentley has set up a notoriety for being a creator of brandishing autos that must likewise be extravagant. It's sufficiently hard in itself to make an extravagance cantina that can do the thick end of 200mph in wellbeing and security while satisfying the "extravagance" some portion of the tag.
Presently toss on top of those requests the extra requirement for this vehicle to go, as it will be asked to, into sand ridges or crosswise over solidified steppe, or to tow a few tons of steed and trailer, and you begin to welcome the errand Bentley has set itself.
It would, apparently, have been somewhat simpler in the event that it didn't need to stress over the entire 187mph thing too, however it's to its incredible credit that it hasn't. I'd surmise that, in all of motoring, just the Porsche Cayenne and a few variations of the Range Rover Sport get set a transmit you'd consider as wide as the Bentayga's – and the Bentley needs to accomplish it with the trappings of all that wood, aluminum and calfskin while it's doing it, as well. No big surprise it took them a while to get around to it. At last, however, it was certainly justified regardless of the hold up.
2016 new bentley bentagya suv review specs price interior engine features Car Price Concept
2016 new bentley bentagya suv review specs price interior engine features Car Price Concept
Bentley Bentayga
Price: is £160,200 Engine W12, 5950cc, twin-turbo petrol; Power 600bhp at 5000-6000rpm; Torque 664lb ft at 1350-4500rpm; Gearbox 8-spd programmed; Kerb weight 2440kg; Top velocity 187mph; 0-60mph 4.0sec; Economy 21.6mpg (consolidated); CO2/exp

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