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BMW 3-Series Touring by AC Schnitzer
Car TrendsAC Schnitzer has released a new tuning program for the BMW 3-Series Touring.
The exterior upgrades include a new front spoiler, a chrome front grille, a rear roof spoiler, and a rear skirt. There is also a wide variety of wheels to choose from, ranging from 18" to 20" and different designs and colors.
Interior mods include the option to trim the handbrake, pedals, i-Drive control and handbrake handle in aluminum.
Performance tuning features software tunes that bring the diesel engines 318d and 320d up to 126 kW/171 HP and 160 kW/218 HP, respectively. The upcoming performance upgrades (in final development stage) for the 328i and 335i will achieve 216 kW/294 HP and 265 kW/360 HP, respectively.

Press Release
The new BMW 3-series Touring by AC Schnitzer combines BMW's new regional planning with fine tuning
In its fifth circulation as of mid-September 2012, the new BMW 3-series Touring is enticing with clearly more space. With its standard boot increased to 35 litres, a larger wheel base, a higher roof and clever packing and loading ideas, the Touring production-line offers more than its predecessor.
"Could it not be a bit more the team from AC Schnitzer is asking. As regards to this question, the offer of more space is obviously not the most important factor. With an increased performance, the 3-series Touring by AC Schnitzer has come along for this reason. Instead of 143 HP, the 318d by AC Schnitzer really takes off at 171 HP. The 320d proudly acquires 218 HP (instead of 184 HP) and soon the 328i as well as the 335i will have more power under the bonnet (a performance increase from 245 to 294 HP and from 306 to 360 HP respectively is in preparation).
For the tuning experts in Aachen, it could give a little more acoustically as well as optically as far as the exhaust is concerned. The AC Schnitzer sports rear silencer convinces the most demanding drivers with one or two chrome "racing" exhaust pipes.
The AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit combined with a lower suspension setting of 25 millimetres brings the Touring closer to the road itself and makes for more comfortable manoeuvring.
There is even more dynamism and sportiness with the aerodynamic components of the 3-series Touring by AC Schnitzer. A front spoiler, a chrome front grille, a rear roof spoiler and a rear skirt leave no tuning fans' desires unfulfilled. The offer is rounded off visually with the rear skirt protection foil and design stripes by AC Schnitzer.
The outer and inner image should match. And so the interior of the car clearly offers more when it leaves the garage of the BMW tuning experts in Aachen. The AC Schnitzer "Black Line" aluminium cover for the "i-Drive" system controller, the "Black Line" handbrake handle, a gear knob with digital display or a leather gear knob are not the only technically refined design elements. If BMW fans simply want "more", then aluminium pedals, AC Schnitzer foot rests and velours floor mats also cater for that.
The AC Schnitzer wheel bases are diverse, and are also available for the 3-series Touring: e.g. Type VIII BiColor rims in black or silver in 18", 19" and 20",Type IV BiColor wheels two-tone rims in 18", 19" and 20", as well as Type IV silver in 18" or 19" or Type VI BiColor rims in 18". This diversity together with the right tyres gives the appearance of the BMW 3-series Touring by
AC Schnitzer the right basis.
The BMW 3-series Touring by AC Schnitzer combines BMW's new regional planning with a fine tuning concept - any more couldn't be possible.

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