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Alfa Giulia GTAm – best Alfa Romeo ever
Alfa Romeo have made 70 models in their 100 year history. 2010 just happens to be the centenary year of the famous Italian marque, so what better time to work out which car Alfa fans (that’s Alfisti to you and I) think is the best Alfa made to date. As the article title suggests theAlfa Romeo Giulia GTAmAlfa Romeo Giulia GTAmPress release
Although Alfa Romeo has to date created more than 70 models in its rich 100 year history, it all came down to a battle between just two iconic Alfas in a poll of fans’ favourites, initiated to celebrate the Italian marque’s centenary year.
And it was the Alfa Giulia GTAm that came top of the poll, beating the 8C Competizione supercar to the chequered flag with less than one percent more of the vote.
The Alfa Giulia GTAm, which gained 20.4 per cent of the overall tally, derived from the standard 1750 GT Veloce production model, and secured its place in the Alfa Romeo elite by winning the 1970 European Touring Car Championship in the hands of Dutchman Toine Hezemans. The votes for this poll were collected from admirers and owners – known as Alfisti - who submitted photos of their Alfas to the alfacentenary.co.uk website to create a unique piece of mosaic artwork.
The GTAm and Alfa’s current supercar, the 8C Competizione, led the way against a shortlist of classics including the 2900 B Le Mans, Alfasud and the 156 GTA.
A worthy runner-up with 19.8 per cent, the 8C Competizione - worth more than £123,000 - debuted as a concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2003 and went on to be produced in 2008 as a limited edition model of just 500 examples and selling out almost immediately. The car’s name derives from Alfa’s world famous 8 cylinder (8C) engine and the marque’s racing pedigree.
The Alfa Spider Duetto, widely regarded as a design classic, finished in third place with 16.01 per cent of the vote. This car was first launched in 1966 and famously starred in the legendary film The Graduate in 1967, alongside Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft.
Alfa Romeo UK Brand Communications manager, Damien Dally, says: “The Giulia GTAm was a great Alfa and a deserved winner. It’s really interesting to see how people voted in the poll. We all have our favourites which is testament to the fantastic cars Alfa Romeo has produced over the past century.”
The latest five-door Alfa Giulietta model, which takes styling cues from the iconic 8C Competizione, is now on sale in dealerships across the UK. For further information visit www.alfaromeo.co.uk

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